Who is Infin8?

Infin8 Possibilities

At Infin8 we are passionate about sharing cultures and customs through unique, high quality products from around the globe.


We make the world better with goods that contribute to society and the environment. Products that are functional, fun and long lasting, making a happy you, happy environment.


We are not interested in copy cat products or price wars and instead swim in our own ocean. So put on your togs and come join us!


If you have a unique product that you would like to see in stores across Japan, we'd love to hear from you here >>

Finding unique products for the Japanese market.

Developing new products for the global market.

Introducing Japanese products to the world.

Infin8 Opportunities




Alternatively, if you have a market in your own country and are looking for a product from Japan or somewhere else in Asia, can assisting you in your quest.


We can source, negotiate, produce and export.


Hey, we can even do the translations and artwork for you, giving you more time for your own PR and selling!


Any questions? Drop us a note here >>



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EMAIL: info@infin8.co.jp